How You Can Help

The road for an independent candidate in the State of Texas is not an easy one.  The war chests of partisan candidates competing for this senate seat are quite substantial (some have loaned themselves nearly two million dollars to run for this seat).  District 30 covers a very large and diverse geography.  People are just tired of politics.  These aren’t excuses, these are inspiring challenges.

500 Signatures: Between March 6th and June 21st I will have to collect over 500 signatures of endorsement from registered voters in District 30 in order to be on the ballot in November of 2018.  Registered voters signing our petition cannot have voted in the Republican or Democratic primaries on March 6th, 2018.


  1. Join the Briggs for Texas email list.  CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE
  2. Donate money. Every donation, small and large, will be put to good use.  CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION.
  3. Follow the campaign.  You can follow the @BriggsForTexas campaign on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Join the team. We are building a team of people across District 30 to work within their communities to collect the 500 signatures we will need in the Spring of 2018.  Email if you would like to volunteer to join the team.
  5. Host an event.  We will need people across District 30 to host meet and greets with friends and neighbors and invite me to speak with community organizations.   Email me at if you can help with this during the campaign.