Announcing my intent to run as an independent candidate for Texas Senate 30

IMG_3595The time is right for a new brand of leadership in Texas.  We need to move beyond the trap of Republican versus Democrat thinking.  We need leadership that can work to get things done and move Texas forward in very basic ways.  I believe that people with experience in leading policy and budgets at the local level can serve the people of Texas well in State offices.  At the local level you have to make things work.  You live among those that you serve.  It is this hands-on experience working with friends and neighbors to create real solutions that forges a brand of servant-leadership that is sorely needed in the Texas Legislature.

That is why I am running as an independent candidate to represent District 30 in the Texas Senate.  

The rich and storied history of our state alone does not guarantee a bright future.  We have to work hard and we have to earn that bright future.  Strength, accountability, collaboration, and compassion are tools that will lead us together toward that bright future.   Our representatives have focused their efforts on distracting and dividing us with made up social and moral issues that somehow never seem to get resolved. All the while our state has fallen into decline. The “Texas Miracle” is now sadly a myth.   Compared to the rest of our Nation, Texas is:

  • #30 in Healthcare
  • #49 in Healthcare Affordability
  • #34 in Public Safety
  • #41 in Education
  • #36 in Preschool Enrollment
  • #38 in Reading Scores
  • #39 in Educational Attainment
  • #49 in Infrastructure
  • #43 in Renewable Energy Usage
  • #50 in Power Grid Reliability
  • #39 in Internet Access
  • #36 in Economic Opportunity
  • #41 in Low Food Insecurity
  • #37 in Low Poverty Rate
  • #48 in Equality
  • #42 in Gender Equality
  • #36 in State Government Integrity

We can and should be better than this. The great people living in the communities across Texas Senate District 30 deserve better than this.  It’s time to step up Texas and hold our representatives accountable for the lackluster results of their efforts.  In your heart, you know that I am right.  As individuals, as communities, as a State – we can do better than this. The road for an independent candidate is long and hard in Texas. I look forward to earning your support. You hold the power to help create a positive change in the Texas Legislature ONE SEAT AT A TIME.

Taken from the U.S. News & World Report/McKinsey & Company 2017 Best States

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