Find and Hold Common Ground

In November of 2017 I officially declared my intent to run as an independent candidate to represent District 30 in the Texas Senate. The intention of this candidacy was to bring very real issues to the table to be discussed with the people of Senate District 30 and to show that the complexities facing Texas require far more than generically hollow party talking points and one-dimensional platforms that instill fear and division across our population.

The people of Texas deserve leadership that is strong enough to find and hold common ground. That type of leadership will be required in Texas to address our shared challenges and to capitalize on our shared opportunities. We need substantial conversations from our state legislature.

We need sensible and pragmatic solutions that will:

  • protect the constitutional rights of all Texans,
  • strengthen and modernize our public education system,
  • improve public safety, to reduce violent death,
  • overhaul our State’s criminal justice system,
  • find ways to enhance our population’s health and quality of life,
  • mitigate the very real threats of a changing climate to our people and economic vitality,
  • develop a modern energy policy,
  • ensure fair representation and democratic processes,
  • insist on ethics and transparency in government,
  • instill budgetary discipline,
  • advocate for social tolerance,
  • and preserve the ideals of local control.

These are not partisan issues. These are shared issues that impact all Texans and we deserve a better conversation about them than our deteriorating two-party system will ever be able to offer.

Despite how strongly I believe in having this better conversation, it is clear to me that I will not be able to forward the stated aims of this candidacy at this time in an impactful way. For that reason I am announcing the suspension of my 2018 campaign for Texas Senate.

I have a sincere passion for serving the people of my community. Being a non-partisan elected official representing the people of Denton is one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of my life. I look forward to continuing to serve the entire community of Denton in my role as a City Council Member as we take on the challenges and opportunities that stem from sitting atop one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in our nation.

I have been inspired and remain deeply appreciative of the volunteers, individuals, and organizations that have supported this campaign over these past few months. It is not easy for me walk away from this campaign, and your support and encouragement are the biggest reason for that. We can make the Texas that we deserve if we work for it – together – every day.

Yours in service,
Keely G. Briggs